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Is this a new building?

Yes, this is a new building. We moved from our library location on Market Street in January 1992.

Are you only open during the summer?

No, people live here all year. We have a permanent population of 500 people. We have all the same facilities and do all the same things you’ll find in any small rural community.

Is this a new library?

No, we are not a new library. There has been a library on Mackinac Island since 1936.

Who founded your library?

Rosa Webb was the founder of the first library on Mackinac.

Who designed your building?

The building was designed by Richard Bos of Royal Oak.

Who did the landscaping?

The landscaping was designed by Deborah Silver of Detroit.

Who designed the fireplace tiles?

The fireplace tiles were designed by Nancy Gorman of Glencoe.

Who designed the interior?

Our interior was designed by Carleton Varney of New York.

Do you accept donations?

Yes, we accept cash donations.

How was your building made possible?

Our building was made possible by a Housing and Urban Development Grant.

Do you have a public restrooms?

No, we do no not have public rest rooms facilities.

Can I check out a book, even though I’m just visiting?

No, but we do have an ongoing used book sale.